CJ’s Elephant Antics

One of the games from my childhood that made the most impact. It was a platformer about a young elephant who had to make his way through Europe and back to his family in Africa. CJ had been captured with the threat of becoming a zoo exhibit, but due to complications with the plane transporting him he was able to escape. Landing in France he makes his long journey back home.

CJ’s Elephant Antics had strong gameplay for a platformer and I remember playing it numerous times because of how much I enjoyed it. The end of level bosses were great and in particular the first level boss, the hunchback of Notre-Dame, has always stuck in my mind as one of the most iconic bosses of yesteryear.

However, another main reason that this game had such a great impact was due to the music by Ashley Hogg. Over 20 years since it’s release, I find it amazing that the themes from this game still continue to be whistled throughout the house today by older family members who had never even played it. It says a lot about video game music when such early examples are having an effect on external parties.

Despite having only had a short-lived career in the musical side of video games, choosing instead to focus on the programming aspects, I consider Ashley Hogg to be one of my earliest inspirations and one of more underated video game musicians who could have…perhaps…gone on to compose for bigger and better projects.

I am sure that he would at least find it quite strange to know how much of a presence his music has had in my home over the years.

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